Tumblr Tuesday: Earth Week Edition
Join me in celebrating Earth’s natural environment with these fully compostable and biodegradable Tumblr blogs! Photo of Beaver Brook by Noah Kalina.
Climate Adaptation Michael Cote is an environmental expert who wants to punch climate change in the face.
The Green Urbanist Green urbanism and environmental public policy.
Local Food Lab An incubator for sustainable food and agriculture startups.
Fuck Yeah Permaculture Working with nature, rather than against it, for sustainable systems.
Cabin Porn Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere.
Weather Boner of the Day Photos of weather. Awesome weather.
Check out the Sustainability Spotlight for more!

In addition to this very official Tumblr Staff blog and our charmingly factual About page, you may already be familiar with our official Engineering blog, which shines a light on technical developments of interest to the Tumblr population. Today we’re rolling out four more departmental Tumblrs showing how we live and work, as well as better communicating with the community about what we’re doing.
The Editorial blog previews stories and features in progress from this new and still secretive organization (have you submitted to the Storyboard tag yet?). The International blog gives you a taste of our globetrotting efforts (did you know Tumblr serves nine languages, with more on the way?). The Ministry of Design represents our aesthetics corps (lately tripled in size and militancy). And the Support blog provides a wealth of tips, insight, and advice about how our friendly little town of 50-million-plus gets on and gets along.
More of these departmental Tumblrs may evolve and appear, and all should be considered works in progress — by turns serious and useful as well as creatively stimulating and amusing. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Name Celebrate PoetryLocation New York
April is National Poetry Month, and Alfred A. Knopf and Tumblr are joining forces to celebrate in style. Follow this Tumblr for a stream of verse from new voices in the Tumblr community as well as established writers. Submit your own poems for a chance to be featured, or join us at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe on April 23rd to meet up and hear readings by U.S. Poet Laureate Philip Levine and other amazing poets. And don’t forget to check out the brand-new Poetry Spotlight for new poetry blogs to follow!
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